Health Tips

The terms “Lakadi Ghana”, “Cold Pressed”, “Unrefined” and “Virgin, all refer to how the oil is processed or how oils are extracted. These oils are extracted from oil seeds by Traditional / Ancient technique called “LAKADI / WOODEN GHANI” wherein no chemicals are used during entire process.

Oils extracted in a LAKADI / WOODEN GHANI have foam as no chemicals are used while extracting. These oils are a bit thicker and nutritionally very rich. Foam is the sign of purity.

Oils are extracted at a temperature ranging between 40-45°C. Because of this, all nutritious elements required by human body, remains as such in the extracted oil. This helps oils to maintain natural odour and stickiness. This keeps the originality of the content intact which results in natural taste. This is the reflection of the purity of the oil.

  • Rich in Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients.
  • Helps to prevent Blood pressure, Thyroid, Heart diseases, Peptic ulcers and Arthritis.
  • Helps to control Cholesterol.
  • Improves Digestive functions.
  • Improves skin texture.
  • Increases immunity.

The oil from LAKADI / WOODEN GHANA is extracted using the means of Ayurveda. The wood used in the Ghana is made of selected Neem/Babool/Mango trees as suggested by Ayurveda experts. Due to this the natural values are maintained in the oil and are beneficial to the human body.

Ayurvedic doctors recommend the use of Wooden Ghana edible “OIL MIX” like Groundnut oil, Sesame oil, Kardai/Safflower oil and Coconut oil for routine cooking. Alteration in the composition can be made as required. Below is the example of “OIL MIX” one can have for routine use:

  • Groundnut-oil.
  • Sesame-oil.
  • Kardai/Safflower-oil.
  • Coconut-oil.