AGROTUNE NUTRI FOODS is engaged in manufacturing NATURAL, HEALTHY and QUALITY food products, having “Cooking / Edible oils” as our main product segment. These oils are extracted from oil seeds by Traditional / Ancient technique called “LAKADI / WOODEN GHANI” (Cold / Wooden pressed). In this technique, the oil seeds are first dried then cleaned by shakers to remove dust and foreign materials. The cleaned seeds are transferred to Ghani with wooden churner made of Mango, Tamarind or Neem tree. Churning crushes the seeds and slowly oil is extracted. This oil is further filtered, fortified and filled in containers as per requirements. Containers are further sealed and labeled for marketing. Around 45 – 55 % recovery of oil is made from various seeds. Oil cakes which remains after extraction is nutritious and used as cattle feed.

Refined oils and its Disadvantages

Edible oil meant for human consumption is refined using harmful chemicals such as Gasoline and Hexane. To make it double refined more than 10 chemicals are used. Further, to mask the odour, the oil is boiled at 350 – 450 F. Bleaching is done to alter the colour of oil. Digning is done to decrease the thickness of oil and chemical preservatives are added to increase the shelf life. Because of all these processes, required Nutrients, Minerals, Vitamins, Fats are destroyed which are very much required to decrease the Cholesterol in body. Such refined oils lead to high Blood pressure, Thyroid, Heart diseases and perhaps Cancer also.

Lakadi Ghani / Wooden Pressed / Cold Pressed Oils and its Advantages

Edible Oil obtained from Wooden Ghani is pure oil that is non-refined and un-adulterated oil. It is extracted at a temperature ranging between 40-45 °C. Because of this, all nutritious elements required by human body, remains as such in the extracted oil. This helps oil to maintain natural odour and stickiness. This is the reflection of the purity of the oil. By consuming such oils, good Cholesterol i.e High Density Lipoprotein – HDL increases. This helps to prevent Heart diseases, Diabetes and Arthritis.